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The Company

CP Basalti

Since the founding of the company, in 1987 by Walter Pinna after graduating in Economics from the University of Cagliari with the research thesis on the industrial processing of basalt, our values have been and remain those of the ancient art of Sardinian stonemasons joined by an industrial approach which is characterized by the high quality standards and for the continuous research and innovation with regard to machining. The common thread of all our work is respect for natural materials (all italian marbles and stones), which is immediately perceptible to the eye and especially to the touch.

The feature of CP Basalti is to assist the customer from the very first steps that characterize the design choices and furnishing of their home, and to support the technicians in the project realization in order to achieve the full client satisfaction.

Because of our experience of over 30 years we are able to find the ideal solution for every need, in terms of style and function, with a wide range of different processes and materials.

The experience and the confidence we have in the processing of all materials allow us to finding often unique and inimitable solutions that meet the taste of the customers and will also meet their practical needs.


Basalt is a magmatic rock that lies in vast stretches generally layered at very deep depths over the Earth’s surface, also widespread are basaltic underwater castings. Basalt surface formations are found in India (Deccan), U.S.A. (Lake Superior), Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Argentina, Italy (Sardinia).

Italian Basalt in the Sardinia region is characterized by a quantity of matter varying between 2,700 and 3,100 kg / m3; therefore, has a relatively high density compared to the other basalt qualities, it has a coloration ranging from light gray to dark gray tending to black. It has high resistance to wear and compression, and this is why the relationship between man and rock basalt is already witnessed in ancient history. Basalt works are known to megalithic cultures, such as those of Sardinia dating back to the nuragic period (1500 to 500 BC). His widespread diffusion enshrined his success as a raw material for sculpture, often in contrast with the marble, in all the major ancient civilizations.

Basalt has excellent thermal resistance, light, fire and water absorption. Suitable for exterior use because of anti-slip and special machining, it guarantees excellent grip even in the interior, more than any ceramic, and also guarantees thermal insulation. All the features sought after in a building lining are traceable to this natural stone, since a rock is very strong and does not suffer from rain, humidity, hail, ice, wind or snow and remains immune to attacks by molds and insects and is also very resistant to heavy loads.

Basalt use is indicated for both indoor and outdoor use. Our latest generation machineries allow us to reach very high precision levels in cuts and finishes, and our experience allows us to select finest and highest quality grain stones allowing a final destination that ensures easy cleaning and hygiene as in case of bathrooms or kitchens. Its neutral coloring makes it adaptable and compatible with any type of environment and any kind of material such as steel, wood, other stones etc. The care and study of material selection has allowed us to decline its use in every situation.