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  • Thanks to our experience of over 30 years we can find the right solution for the various requirements in terms of style, taste and practicality.
  • Cucina Basalto Nero
  • The kitchen is a very personal room of the house, it must be pleasing to the eye but mostly functional. Inside the kitchen we can use a wide range of materials and colors and apply various types of workings to suit all tastes. Realizing coatings for walls and floors, Plans for furniture (both modular and artisanal), cooktops, sinks, islands, peninsulas counters and tables.
  • The bathroom is the most intimate room of the house, should be pleasant and enjoyable to the eye but at the same time practical.
  • Our experience in working with different materials enable us to satisfy your tastes by optimizing space with a variety of solutions for flooring, wall coverings and furniture, shower trays and shower tiles, sinks, tops, frames for mirrors, doors and windows, bathtubs , heating walls and heated towel rail.
  • The stairs are developable directly on your needs in terms of space and taste, in different styles and materials.
  • Ranging between the different materials and processes that apply to them we are able to realize different types of surfaces for the coating of the walls and also for the floors.
  • The facade and more generally the exterior of the house is a bit of his business card, the right wall covering and flooring have the dual role of representing the character of the home and preserve it over time.
  • Whether the style of your home is modern or classic we are able to satisfy your needs in terms of taste and in terms of structural requirements. The materials and processes applied to them do not have only the purpose to appear pleasing to the eyes but rather to preserve themselves and then to preserve your home in time.
  • The glazed basalt is the result of our constant research and development of new and innovative processes.
    glazed basalt
  • The glazing allows the coloration of the stone, yet preserving its nature and without hiding its characteristic traits. Colors can be chosen within a wide range. This type of processing applies to floors, walls, sinks and washbasins, shower trays, kitchen countertops and much more.
  • We can create elements of unique and inimitable furnishing such as tables, desks, lamps, picture frames, garden furniture and much more. All of them are customizable with carvings and decorations.
    furnishing elements
  • The fireplace is a piece of furniture that brings a lot of character to the environment in which it is inserted, we can make chimneys of various styles and sizes using different materials. All customizable with engravings, even hand-made decorations on request.
  • swimming pools